You’re in the right place if you want to –

  1. Register a new domain name to connect to your shop, or
  2. Connect an existing domain name to your shop.

If this is all gobbledygook to you, no problem! Take a look at our Domain Names Demystified article to learn what a domain name is and why you should have one.

Registering a new domain name

We can take care of everything for you – registering and configuring the new domain on your behalf. The domain will be registered in your name, so you will be free to use it for other services or move the domain elsewhere at any time in the future. The cost to register a domain name is $39 per year and includes everything you need (registration and DNS). Each year you will have the option to renew your domain. As long as you keep renewing it you maintain control over it.

Please contact us with the following information and we will get this organised for you quick smart. If you’re not sure what domain name you’d like to register we can help you with that too!

First Name:
Last Name:
Company Name (optional):
Postal Code:
Phone Number:

Using a domain name you already own

Transferring your domain

If you own a New Zealand domain name then you can transfer the domain to our registrar and we’ll take care of connecting it to your shop. The transfer is completely free, so there will be no change until your domain is next due for renewal. Our annual domain renewal and service fee is $33.91+gst ($39), which replaces any renewal fee that you currently pay. A benefit of transferring your domain is that we can maintain the configuration of your domain on your behalf. You retain full ownership of your domain.

Using your existing domain registrar

Alternatively you can continue to use your current domain name registrar. Please contact us with the following details –
1. The domain name that you will be connecting to your shop.
2. The name or web address of the shop that you will be connecting your domain to.

We will prepare the connection at our end and send through step-by-step instructions for you to provide to your domain registrar. If you are experienced with domain name management you may be able to complete these steps yourself via their website.


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