With the growth of mobile, more and more consumers are also being conquered by apps.

In fact, smartphone users spend 89 percent of their mobile time using an app. Compared to traditional websites, apps are more immediate and allow businesses to communicate with potential customers in an innovative and customized manner.

They meet people’s need to access products and services right away and wherever they are, thus enhancing the effectiveness of marketing activities.

What companies and customers value the most is the app’s ability to convert an interest into an action in just a few clicks: not surprisingly, the top used apps are E-commerce apps, followed by those related to media and entertainment.

If they are used by brands in a substantial and strategic manner, apps lead to an undeniable growth in business and more engagement with customers. Let’s take for example the pizza chain Domino’s: its app has conquered users by making ordering experience easier and immediate, and by giving them access to special offers.

Or Starbucks’ app, which not only allows customers to choose and pay directly for the brand’s specialties but also provides many additional services, such as the loyalty plan and the possibility to download music and other apps for free.

Why Don’t Many Businesses Have an App Yet?

Despite these promising prospects, about 35 percent of companies do not have an app yet because they do not feel the need to have one or they think it requires a very substantial investment. The good news is that there is a solution to this problem: you can choose an online platform to create a fully functioning app.

It is a great tool at an affordable price, without involving external resources, and therefore bearing additional costs, for graphics and programming, because any marketer can use these systems. All you have to do is choose the template and other ready-made elements and put them together according to your needs.

In a short space of time and staying on your budget, you will be ready to launch your app. But make sure you know how to use it well…

When an App Is a Useless Investment

Another category consists of businesses with an app but does not use it effectively. In fact, some apps are just a replica of some sections of the site and often have poor content, instead of proposing something more.

Others fail to entice users to use their app more frequently and they usually slide into oblivion right after being downloaded. These configuration and management errors frustrate the efforts made in creating the app. This is also why we are offering a solution, or rather seven, to make the most of your app, turn it into an investment and boost your business.

Ideas for Boosting Your Business With Apps

1. Re-think advertising with geo-targeting

Smartphones allow you to collect information about its users, including their geographical location. That’s why it is possible to create targeted advertising campaigns for products or services that are in demand in a certain area. It is just like spending your time on the beach during the hottest time of the day with a fridge full of cold drinks: how many people do you think would take up your offer? You’ll certainly get more customers this way than offering your product to everyone, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

2. Use relevant push notifications

Push notifications have a strong impact on user’s attention. The average CTR is 40 percent and their engagement is higher than that of an email. And it’s easy to see why: people are glued to their smartphones and they check them constantly. Push notifications are very effective since users can see them right away.

But you must not abuse this feature: in some cases, the percentage of users disabling push notifications goes up to 60 percent, while in others this percentage is rather insignificant. What makes the difference is the relevance of the information that is being provided. When it comes to time-sensitive information, such as car sharing or food delivery, users usually keep push notifications on due to their convenience.


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